An Open Space for Creative Changemakers

Do you long to live a more creative life?

Do you long to make a difference in the world?

Are you holding yourself back from your full expression?

My mission is to create an open space where you can explore your creative expression and get reconnected with your life energy and with what you came here to do.

I believe that creativity is our doorway to connecting to our true potential.

I believe that perfectionism kills creativity.

We live in a society that focuses on perfectionism and that does not value true creativity.

As women, we often focus on others’ needs and are very good at adapting to the world around us. We forget our own needs, our own true expression.  We often even forget our longing to create.

Being creative is not necessarily what you think. It is not being good at painting, singing, drawing. It is a way of life, meeting the world around you with open eyes and ears, letting your senses be mirrored in your soul. It is expressing what you have inside. Giving your unique jewels to the world.

Holding ourselves and our true creativity and expression back, is – often contrary to what we believe – not doing good to anyone, least of all ourselves.

By reconnecting to our creativity and true expression, we can reconnect to our life force energy.

Like many women, I used to feel that I needed to do the right thing, please others, always adjusting myself to other people’s expectations and needs. Eagerly adapting to a society that is focused on rational, linear solutions and giving no credit to open, creative, integrative, multifaceted, sensitive approaches. I had success in work and life, but my body and my soul cried out for more – louder and louder, until I started to listen.

You don’t need to wait until your body cries out in pain or in overwhelm.

You can start listening now.

What do you need to feel your life as more meaningful, fulfilled, peaceful, joyful and creative?

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Creative Resilience

A new story of health and taking creative action.
A conversation with Kim Douglas and For the Advancement of All Women (2020)

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